Moisture Absorbent

PRODUCT CODE: CT-MBM Moisture absorbent masterbatch is specially developed for eliminating the moisture in plastic during molding process. APPLICATION It can be used in PE, PP and recycle materials. Suitable for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion molding, blow film, plastic piece, plastic pipe, and coating film. Product Code MFI Density Additional Rate Volatility Net Weight Carrier [...]


Color 1

PRODUCT CODE: CT-MBC Color masterbatch is being manufactured with high concentration pigment and various colors to meet with all thermoplastic polymers and all transformation technologies applications. Color Masterbatches have excellent properties in color dispersion and stability performance, surface smoothness, even color without dust, UV absorption and weatherability.   APPLICATION Widely used for PE / PP products being [...]



PRODUCT CODE: CT-MBB Virgin LLDPE is used as the based material for this economical type Black Masterbatch with carbon black concentration. SPECIFICATION Product Code Carbon Black MFI  (190oC, 2.16 kg) Density(25oC) Additional Rate Melting Temp. Range Net Weight Carrier ROHS Index Application % g/10min kg/m3 % oC kg/bag CT-MBB-20 20 14 860 2-6 120-180 25 LLDPE [...]



PRODUCT CODE: CT-MBW White Masterbatch is a polyethylene-based masterbatch with concentration of Titanium Dioxide. APPLICATION Widely used in PP / PE / PO products being processed in injection molding, blow molding, multi-layer coating film, extrusion molding, blow film, foaming and others. SPECIFICATION * Addition Rate can also be determined by product characteristics and customer requirements. * [...]